Why is Batik Tulen Expensive?

Batik in the making

image source: fashion-history.lovetoknow.com

Unesco has determined that Batik is a human heritage for oral and non-material culture on October 2, 2009 making the popularity of batik increasing. Not only used in the invitation only but was able to move freely even into clothing required for office workers both state-owned and private also giving the impression more elegant and classy.

Batik motifs can now also be applied in various home decorations such as sofas, wooden furniture, carpets, pillows and other objects.

Because batik hits, so there are many questions about the price of batik, why is real batik expensive? Why is there batik for 50 thousand? There are many more debates about the price of batik. Then why is the price of real batik expensive, you can check the following:

The Making Process

The process of making real batik using human hands so you won’t find repetitive patterns & motifs. Because the patterns and motifs are slimmer when compared to printed batik.

Moreover, written batik cloth is a work of art that is of high value and no single batik cloth is exactly the same.

The Tools Used

Canting. In making real batik using a canting tool filled with wax so it takes a level of persistence, accuracy and tenacity in the drawing process, especially since the process of giving tonight can be done many times depending on the number of colors desired on the real batik cloth.

Because it is written or made by human hands so it takes a long time. Generally, one hand-drawn batik can be finished within 3 to 6 months. While batik printing or batik 50 thousand can be processed faster and in bulk. Even real Madurese batik can take months to soak the cloth and this batik is commonly called batik gentongan. This unique process makes real batik more expensive than printed batik.

Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, Cirebon, Madura and many other cities that usually produce authentic Indonesian batik because they are famous for the quality of their batik motifs & patterns.

Now you don’t have to go to the city because the Batiktulen.com boutique provides authentic Indonesian batik and has experience since 1970, especially since this boutique is run by native Pekalongan people and it has been two generations since this business was started. So, if you want to buy authentic Indonesian batik, remember batiktulen.com.

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