Cool and Charismatic, This is the Most Contemporary Men’s Batik Model

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Batik, an Indonesian cultural heritage that must be preserved, is a great outfit to wear. Not only a trend for women, modern men’s batik models are also sought after by men. Men usually wear batik clothes to appear at formal or semi-formal events to give a tidier impression. This men’s batik model is very diverse and you can adjust it to the event you will attend.

Although batik is a traditional dress, batik is now increasingly in demand. Many designers have modified batik models by combining them with modern clothing models so that various types of new batik models have emerged.

Therefore, many men use batik for one reason is that batik will give the impression of being handsome, neat and cool. To appear more optimally, you can choose which batik motifs and sizes suit you. If you are still confused, here are some of the most contemporary men’s batik models that are worth a try.

1. Combination shirt with long sleeve men’s batik

The first outfit model is a long-sleeved batik that will be combined with a shirt. This outfit is suitable for formal events or at work. As we know, usually on Fridays, both public and private offices require workers to wear batik to preserve culture.

In order not to feel monotonous, you can choose a batik that looks like a shirt that has a collar on the neck and so on. This model is one of the modern and contemporary men’s batik models. No wonder many men want to try using this type of shirt batik to make it look more handsome and cool.

2. Slim Fit Batik Model, Short or Long Sleeve

Batik has various types, one of which is the slim fit model. This type of model is arguably the modern type of batik. Because the fashion industry is advancing, this slim fit model of men’s batik is sought after by many men. This slim fit men’s batik model will make it cooler.

Moreover, a man who has an ideal body who uses it looks cooler and more attractive. Usually this type of slim fit men’s batik model is used to attend formal and official events. The model will not make a monotone appearance either because there are long sleeve and short sleeve versions that you can adjust to your taste.

3. Combination of Koko shirt with long sleeve batik

This third model is a combination model of a koko shirt combined with long-sleeved batik. This combination is very interesting because it is a combination of 2 different types of models even though the Koko shirt itself already has a long sleeve model.

The result is a batik model that is not full of batik motifs and collars like a koko shirt. It looks simpler but is still attached to batik in general.

4. Casual batik

This last model is a type of model that is more casual and less formal. Suitable for attending semi-formal events. This casual batik motif is usually different and is often used to attend thanksgiving or weddings. Usually, young people prefer to use this casual, short-sleeved version of batik to make it look fresher and more handsome.

However, this long-sleeved version of the casual batik is no less cool and gives an authoritative impression to anyone who wears it.

So, if you are confused about finding the latest men’s batik, let’s go visit the Batik Tulen gallery which is already famous for its modern and attractive batik motifs and models.

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