4 Mistakes Men Do When Wearing Batik

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One of the Indonesian cultures that should be preserved is Batik. Batik itself has been known as a well-known Indonesian cultural heritage in the world. Different types of batik can be used by both men and women. Especially for men, men who wear batik will certainly look cooler. Even one of the famous figures in the world, Nelson Mandela, is a batik fan.

Unfortunately there are still many men who are wrong in combining their outfits with batik or the term is wrong in wearing batik. It’s a matter of fashion, everyone has their own taste. You can mix batik according to your taste. But will the batik look good on you? For that, consider 4 things that you should avoid when wearing batik, especially batik shirts. These tips aim to make you look cooler wearing batik!

1. Unsuitable batik size

The first thing you should avoid when wearing a batik is wearing an oversized batik. Size fit is the right one if you want a maximal look. So why should be fit? Because young men certainly do not want to look like gentlemen, not if they wear an oversized batik. In addition, an oversized batik also adds a fragile and fragile impression because you will look thinner and smaller. Fit here does not mean batik with a narrow size or a press body, but it means batik with the right body width, the right shoulders and the right length.

2. Batik is tucked into the pants

Now this is something you should avoid when wearing batik, although there are still many who put the batik in their pants to make it look tidier and more formal. It is unfortunate if batik, which has an attractive and beautiful motif, must look incomplete. As you know, batik tailors use patents so that the existing batik motifs make them look more beautiful. This is the reason why you have to wear batik as a whole because people can see the batik motif that you are wearing in full. So it’s best not to tucked your batik in your pants, it’s better to just remove it.

3. Wear a tie

Better to avoid wearing a tie when wearing batik, why? Because batik itself is a neat formal dress without the need to add a tie to give a formal impression. In addition, the tie will also cover your patent batik motif. As explained above, patents on batik will make you look cooler and more beautiful if you use them completely without tucking them into your pants and wearing a tie.

4. Wear sneakers

Maybe when you read this you will be amazed, is it wrong to use sneakers when wearing batik. The answer is no if you are still in school and are required to wear batik but still have to wear a complete uniform. However, if you are already working and have your own taste for your outfit, then our advice is not to wear a sneaker when wearing batik because it is better if you mix batik with black formal shoes so that it looks more formal and neat.

So, those were 4 mistakes that many men still make when wearing batik. Hopefully after reading this article you won’t be mistaken when wearing batik. If you want to buy batik with various motifs with premium quality, don’t forget to stop by the Batik Tulen gallery!

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