Wear Batik Clothes for Work, Here Are the Recommended Patterns

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Currently, every Friday or every weekend, many offices recommend their employees to wear batik clothes. This is in line with the designation of batik as a noble cultural heritage of the archipelago.

Proud to wear batik clothes for work, is a form of love for the nation. So, for those of you who are confused about choosing a batik shirt style for work, here are some of the options that can be considered.

Bright Shades To Improve Work Mood

For those of you who like to combine colors, this one shirt can be an option. They are bright in color and easy to combine with various styles of trousers such as cotton pants, jeans or cargo pants.

Apart from adding to the cooler appearance, this shirt is made of cotton fabric which is cool to wear and absorbs sweat. So, wearing it all day will feel comfortable.

Elegant Blue Parang Motif 

If you like wearing batik clothes for work, especially during formal meetings or office meetings, parang motif is highly recommended. The parang pattern features an elegant, dignified and charismatic design.

You will look handsome and confident at once. Just mix it with cotton pants or jeans according to your style. Then, you are ready to appear more handsome and comfortable while working.

Casual Trendy Purple Shades

Want to look attractive even with a simple style? Try wearing a purple batik shirt like the product shown in the picture. You can look cool and beautiful at all occasions. For example, formal office events, meetings, or casual office parties.

So, those are some of the fashionable and stylish styles of wearing batik for work. Hopefully it can add as an inspiration for office wear. For the best superior batik products, don’t forget to just trust batiktulen.com.

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