Reasons for Batik Pattern Collections for a Casual and Relaxing Style

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Wearing batik clothes for formal invitations or events has become commonplace. But, for a casual style at home or hangout with friends? Most will probably choose t-shirts or cotton.

But… don’t get it wrong! Because, at this time there are already available cotton batik clothes that are suitable to be worn when relaxing at home or a blend of casual styles. So that you are more determined to collect batik clothes for relaxing at home or casual style for going out at the mall, let’s see the full review below!

1. Cool style that is suitable for all people

Look at how cool celebgram Rachel Vennya’s  looks, combining batik clothes with her casual style. This fashionable selebgram wears batik cloth as an outer cardigan and culottes.

Not only does it look fashionable, but it is certainly very comfortable to wear throughout the day. This is proven! Wearing batik for a relaxed style makes you look elegant and confident.

2. Many choices of colors and patterns

Before, batik cloth motif only has dark or brown nuances. This is because in ancient times we still did not use textile dyes and only used “wax” materials.

In the modern era, batik cloth appears in various attractive motifs and colors. Like red, blue, pink, to contemporary pastel colors. So, it’s not wrong to choose batik cloth for a casual style.

3. Comfortable to Wear and Cool All Day

One of the advantages of batik clothes for casual style is that they are comfortable and cool to wear. Especially if you choose cotton fabrics that absorb sweat and have good air circulation for the skin.

Cool cotton fabrics are very comfortable to wear everyday, both for children, adults and the elderly.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s be proud to wear batik clothes in our daily lives as the original cultural heritage of the archipelago. Where do you buy it? Of course, only at

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