Original Handmade of Batik Tulen! Recognize the Difference of Machine Batik Print, Batik Tulis, and Batik Cap

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Since being named the cultural heritage of the archipelago on October 2, 2009, batik is now increasingly popular throughout the world. Many people collect batik clothes to wear on various occasions. Not only adults, babies and children to the elderly are also very happy to wear batik clothes.

However, did you know, there are differences in making batik? Batik is divided into two based on how it is made. Some are made using a machine, some are manual or handmade. So, on this occasion, we will add insight into the differences between machine-printed batik, batik and printed batik that are often found in the market. What are the differences? Come on, let’s look at the following explanation!

Handmade Batik Gets International Appreciation

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It is not wrong if the UN Agency through UNESCO awarded batik as Indonesia’s cultural heritage. Because, batik that is made by hand manually or batik requires special skills and expertise in its manufacture.

It takes weeks or even months to make a piece of hand-written batik cloth that is ready to be sewn or worn. Therefore, with a high level of difficulty and requiring special skills, the price is also commensurate with its exclusivity.

What is the difference between batik tulis, batik printing and batik cap?

In order to better understand what is unique about batik tulis, batik printing and batik cap, read on for the explanation below.

Batik Tulis/ Handmade Batik

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Batik tulis or written batik is batik whose style is made by batik craftsmen using ink from natural materials using canting and heated liquid called “malam”. The process of making written batik is done on both sides of the cloth so it takes a long time.

Even so, this makes the batik cloth more highly valued, because it is made by craftsmen carefully, diligently, painstakingly and patiently. The price per sheet of written batik, starting from IDR 700 thousand, depending on the processing time, details of the motif, and the color combination.

Batik Cap/ Batik Stamp

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As the name implies, printed batik is a method of making batik using a stamp. The shape of the stamp resembles a batik motif when it is pasted on a sheet of cloth. However, still using manual or human labor with good precision skills so that the batik pattern remains neat and beautiful. The price of stamped batik starts from IDR 200 thousand, depending on the style, size, and color of the motif.

Batik Printing using machine

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Furthermore, batik printing is a batik cloth that is produced through a printing process. The color is usually lighter with a variety of motifs. However, only one side of the batik motif, and on the other hand only white. Because it uses machine power, the batik processing process can be faster. Prices start from IDR 90 thousand.

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