Like Ocean Waves, This is the Philosophical Meaning Behind the Parang Batik Motif

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The charm of batik cannot be doubted, even many foreign tourists who come to Indonesia like batik. Batik is suitable for use in various kinds of events, both formal and non-formal events. Batik is also no longer a garment that is only used on certain days or every Friday. Various models of batik can be used every day.

One type of batik that is well known among other batik motifs is Batik Parang. Batik Parang itself is one of the oldest batik motifs in Indonesia. The word Parang is taken from the word Pereng which means slope. Pereng draws a continuous line descending from the high to the low diagonally and without breaking.

This batik has been around since the days of the Mataram Kartasura palace or to be precise in Solo. Previously only kings and their descendants, but now ordinary people can also use this batik motif. For the color of Parang batik, it tends to use a darker contrast color so that wearing it will display an elegant impression.

The Meaning of the Parang Batik Motif

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The S motif which is mutually sustainable is taken from the depiction of the ocean waves that do not stop so that it can be interpreted as a never-ending spirit. Not only does it have the meaning of never giving up, this batik also describes a never-ending relationship, both in the form of family ties, self-improvement and fighting for prosperity.

Meanwhile, the straight diagonal lines here represent ideals, loyalty and respect for true values. This dynamics parang motive is called a form of alertness and agility between workers and other workers.

Batik Parang has developed and now comes with a variety of different motives. Here are some types of Batik Parang complete with their philosophies:

1. Batik Parang Klitik

The Parang pattern has a smooth stylization with a smaller size. This motif depicts images of feminism, subtle behavior, gentleness and wisdom. This Parang Klitik is usually used by the kings’ daughters.

2.           Batik Parang Rusak

The motif which is inspired by the ocean waves that never stop hitting the coral reef was created by Panembahan Senopati. He got this idea while meditating on the beach. The meaning of this Rusak Parang is noble character and wisdom that will win.

3.           Batik Parang Tuding

The word “Tuding” means index finger according to the motive which represents the index finger which is arranged parallel and connected. The meaning is anyone who uses a batik motif that is expected to provide or show things or a good example so that they can cause kindness.

4.           Batik Parang Kusumo

In the past, this Kusumo Parang batik motif was only used by the King and his descendants. But now, this batik motif is usually used during engagement events. This motif means that every life must be based on a persistent struggle to achieve physical and mental happiness. Therefore, this motif is often used when exchanging ring during engagement event, hoping that the couple’s life can be like the meaning of the Kusumo Parang batik motif itself.

That was the history and several types of legendary batik Parang in Indonesia, complete with their respective meanings. To preserve Indonesian culture, you can start now using batik as your daily clothes. You can get this batik Parang motif easily at, which is guaranteed quality. What are you waiting for? Shop now only at

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