Admire the City of Pekalongan as a Batik Colet Center

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This already popular Indonesian cultural heritage has its own charm so that many tourists from abroad wanting to buy this cloth as souvenirs from Indonesia. In Indonesia itself, using batik has become commonplace and should be preserved. Starting from the mandatory rules every friday to outfits that are suitable for attending formal and semi-formal events, for example attending a wedding.

One of the famous types of batik is batik colet. This batik colet uses the technique of incising hot colored wax with a brush or writing tool onto a plain white cloth or mori cloth. From here we can see the size of the canting depending on the complexity of the pattern to be drawn.

Batik Colet Production Process

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The production process of colored batik or hand-painted batik is almost the same as painting on canvas. Later these results will appear to be very influenced by the combination of colors, creativity, taste and skill or diligence of the batik craftsmen. If the batik has details, colors and images that are complicated and small, the higher the selling value and the artistic value that is in this colet batik. The motif will be formed with a night incision as a color barrier. Then when a brush that has been given a color is inscribed into the motif, the color will not seep into other parts because it has been limited by the wax or hot wax.

The unlimited creativity of batik craftsmen and increasingly modern, makes batik craftsmen also use the airbrush technique which can produce smooth color gradations. Not only that, diligence and care from the craftsmen are also needed to get the perfect streak of colors, colors that don’t come out of the motif being colored and the absence of dripping colors. So do not be surprised why the price of batik is expensive because the details themselves are made as perfect as possible by the craftsmen or can even be called a reliable painter.

Batik Colet As Characteristics of Pekalongan

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This batik colet motif exists along with the emergence of chemical dyes for batik. This chemical if inscribed on a white sheet of cloth, the color will quickly stick. So different from natural dyes which require a long dyeing process.

This colet batik technique has become a characteristic of batik from Pekalongan, Central Java. This batik from Pekalongan is known to have a head or highlight motif with the use of different basic colors. It takes 2 times of dyeing the fabric in the process of making this colet batik with the basic color.

For each fabric dyeing process, the base color is expected to cover other parts of the fabric that have a different base color. This process will make the colet batik cloth get 2 times the closing process and 2 times the pelorodan process. Pekalongan colet batik is also known as batik which has many colors and motifs.

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