Celebrate World Women’s Day, This Is A Special Gift Ideas

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In commemoration of International Women’s Day, it feels incomplete if you haven’t chosen a gift for a female friend. Giving a special gift to the closest female friend will definitely carve a happy smile. However, what is the right gift for the closest woman friend on an International Women’s Day?

Choosing gifts is not a difficult thing. Be sure to consider the age of the recipient and also prepare a budget for buying gifts. When choosing a gift, also consider the recipient’s tastes such as cute packaging or elegant packaging.

You can also choose a gift that the recipient has been dreaming of for a long time. To be sure, gifts are good as long as they are sincere and joyful.

Here are some special gift ideas for the closest girl that could be your choice.


1. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are a pretty hot item right now. The fresh aroma of this candle makes the body more relaxed after a day of activities. There are various scents to choose from. Choose a scent that suits the taste of your closest friend to you. Aromatherapy candles are also beautiful and suitable for special gifts on International Women’s Day.

2. Mug

Brewing tea or hot drinks is usually more comfortable with a mug. For that, you can give this mug to encourage the activities of your female friend. Especially if you give a unique design like the name on the mug. Surely your friends will be happy and feel more cared for. You can also customize it with your best friend’s favorite picture.

3. Coffee

Indonesia has various types of coffee that are easy to brew. Especially now that coffee is very popular with the Indonesian people. If your female best friend is a fan of coffee, then this special gift idea can be chosen.

4. Table lamp

This one gift idea is very useful to accompany your best friend’s overtime activities. The table lamp is suitable for both workers and students. It can also be your best friend’s sleep companion. Provide a table lamp that is practical and easy to carry anywhere.

5. Cute backpack

Backpacks can also be your preferred gift idea, especially if your best friend is a student or worker. Give a cute backpack to accompany their days.

It doesn’t have to be cute, choose a bag that suits the tastes of your best friend to you. Consider choosing the color, model, or pattern of the bag in choosing the best bag.

6. Chocolate

If your best friend is a chocolate fan, there is nothing wrong with giving chocolate on International Women’s Day. Of course, considering what chocolate your best friend likes. There are many chocolate variants scattered in various outlets, don’t make the wrong choice.

7. Skin Care

Women are usually not far from skin care products. This product can be the best gift idea for your friend. However, choose the type of skin care and the brand used by your friends. The reason is, the use of skin care for everyone has different results. Instead of making your best friend’s face breakout, it’s better to find out first what skin care they usually used.

8.   Batik

Image source: Batik Tulen

Indonesia is also famous for its various batik motifs from each region. Could be the best idea for a special gift on women’s day. You can choose the best batik at Batik Tulen. Here there are many beautiful motifs with the best quality fabrics.

Not only that, especially for gifts, you will get an elegant box for the batik of your choice plus a beautiful canvas bag. With only an additional Rp 95 thousand, the gift is ready to be sent to the address of your female friend.


Those are some recommendations for special gift ideas for the closest women on women’s day. Choose a gift idea that suits your best friend’s taste. For a wide selection of the best batik, take a peek at gallerybatiktulen.com, the warehouse for original and beautiful written batik is suitable for family gifts or other special days.

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