Mix and Match Men’s Batik for Groomsmen

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If you go to someone’s wedding, during the process of accompanying the bride and groom, you will see several women and men accompanying her. These men and women are called Pagar Bagus and Pagar Ayu. Pagar Ayu is often wearing uniform kebaya clothes with the colors and motifs of the bride and groom. As for a Pagar Bagus, you can use a batik shirt because it is considered suitable for formal events.

For those of you who have plans to hold a wedding and want to have a nice uniform for your close friends or brothers, then you can use a batik shirt as one of the options. Batik shirt is very suitable to be used as clothing when attending weddings while preserving Indonesia’s cultural heritage.

When choosing which batik motif to use for groomsmen, of course you will be confused about which one is suitable and just right. Here are some men’s batik mixes and matches for groomsmen that you can consider.


1. Shades of Yellow to Symbolize A Warm Family Feeling

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The first choice you can choose is the Tanahan Cotton SNS-P7.1 batik shirt, which is a combination of yellow and red. This batik shirt can be made into long sleeves and short sleeves. Because it has a bright color, this batik shirt can be combined with several pants, for example, cotton pants and jeans.

Not only brings brightness and warmth when wearing it, but this batik motif made of cotton is also comfortable to wear because the material is cool and absorbs sweat well. So it can be used throughout the marriage process.


2. More Romantic With Shades of Purple

image source: Batik Tulen

For those of you who hold a wedding party and carry purple as one of the colors of your party theme, then you can choose the Baron Tanahan SNS-P2A.18 shirt as your choice. Purple color combined with red flowers as decoration will add to the impression of elegance when used. Made from genuine ATBM Baron silk, this type of fabric looks smoother and more luxurious.

For this purple batik shirt, you can mix it with long black cotton pants or dark jeans. Later it will give an elegant impression and can be used for other events as well such as formal office events, casual office parties, or meetings. So it can still be used again after being used for groomsmen at a wedding party.


3. Shades of Blue For Loyalty And Serenity

image source: Batik Tulen

One of the favorite colors that is loved by everyone is blue. The blue color itself when associated with marriage will mean a form of loyalty, dependability, and serenity. For those of you who choose blue as the theme color for your wedding, you can choose this Tanahan SNS-P7.2 batik shirt made of cotton for your groomsmen to wear.

Of course, the blue color of this batik shirt will accentuate the impression of elegance and charisma but still give a calm and dignified impression to anyone who wears it. Just mix it with cool cotton pants with dark colors, for example, black. Then your groomsmen is ready to attend and accompany your wedding party.

So how about some recommendations for mix and match batik shirts above? Great choice of batik shirts, right? To get it easy, you can immediately visit gallerybatiktulen.com and choose a batik shirt that suits the theme and the budget of your wedding party.

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