Stylish Way Of Wearing Batik Cloth

image source: Batik Tulen

Batik cloth is not only favored by Indonesians, but also by the world for the exoticism of the patterns in each fabric. Batik cloth are usually transformed into beautiful kebaya at various events with various models that certainly look elegant, either in the form of a skirt or clothing.

Kebaya usually uses batik cloth, songket cloth, and various other traditional Indonesian fabrics. Knowing a beautiful kebaya is incomplete if you don’t know the right way to use it.

In fact, you can use batik cloth directly without sewing it, you know! Fabric that has been transformed into a garment sometimes it may not fit even though it hasn’t been used for long. Instead of experiencing this, let’s occasionally wear a batik cloth without sewing it on. You don’t need to cut it into a skirt or dress, you can wrap the batik cloth into clothes or subordinates that are no less cool.

Here’s a stylish way to wear batik cloth that you should try.


1. Twisted

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Spread a piece of batik cloth then take the left and right ends with one side of the longest part. Twist the end of the longest fabric into a pretty knot then twist it to the back. Tie the other side behind your body. This one model looks elegant even in a very simple way.


2. Aladdin

image source: Batik Tulen

If you want more freedom of movement, make spring trousers from batik. Stretch the batik from the front and tie both ends at the back of the body. Take the cloth dangling under your feet and twist it between your legs. Take both ends and tie them at the front of your body. Make sure the fabric is long enough!

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3. One shoulder

image source: Batik Tulen

Next one, you can make batik into an elegant dress. Tie the two ends of the batik on one arm. Take the middle of the batik and tie it around the waist. With a fabric that is long enough, you can get a simple yet elegant dress without needing to sew it.


4. Jarit

image source: Batik Tulen

With a piece of batik cloth, you can get a cool skirt! Take both ends and tie at the front and back.

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5. All-in-one up to your creativity

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Batik fabric is also suitable for any outfit, be it a dress or a scarf, as long as you are creative in combining it. Can also be added with accessories such as belts to enhance your appearance. As in the picture below, you can mix and match batik cloth with a belt for 4 outfit models at once!


In fact, batik cloth does not have to be sewn before use. With a little creativity, just one batik cloth can be transformed into a variety of stylish batik models. Especially with beautiful batik motifs from At, there are various motifs and patterns that are suitable to be your own stylish batik outfit. The ingredients are also of premium quality!

What are you waiting for? What is a stylish batik creation you like? For more references regarding premium batik fabrics, don’t forget to visit!

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