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Get to know Original Indonesian Batik

image source : Since batik has been named as a world heritage for Indonesia, batik has become something that cannot be separated because it has been a distinctive Indonesian cloth since a long time ago. In the past, batik cloth was usually combined with kebaya or traditional clothes, but lately batik can be used […]

Why Men Should Have Batik? See 5 Reasons Men Have Batik

image source: Now count how many batik in your closet? Want to know why a man should have batik? The fashion trend for men’s and women’s batik clothes is growing. Batik is now known by the world as the ancestral heritage of the Indonesian nation. Which encourages designers to have a variety of models […]

Why is Batik Tulen Expensive?

Batik in the making

image source: Unesco has determined that Batik is a human heritage for oral and non-material culture on October 2, 2009 making the popularity of batik increasing. Not only used in the invitation only but was able to move freely even into clothing required for office workers both state-owned and private also giving the impression […]

Do You Want To Look Fabulous In Batik? Follow These Stylish Tips Wearing Batik For Men

image source : Every October 2, the Indonesian people celebrate National Batik Day. Many workers and even Indonesian students participate in celebrating it. Especially since it was determined by Unesco as a human heritage for this oral and non-material culture. Batik itself has a formal impression, often worn only at certain events such as […]