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Ultimate Batik Tips For Plus Size

image source: Batik Tulen   Being plump is not a bad thing. Most people often feel insecure about being plump. Being plump is not a barrier to staying fashionable and stylish. Enchantment will radiate out when you can restore self-confidence. Not only women, but men are also sometimes insecure about their appearance. Instead of constantly […]

The Uniqueness of the Nusantara Written Batik, It Turns Out That This Is the Tools and Materials Used

image source:   Batik is one of Indonesia’s distinctive crafts that is proud and deserves to be preserved. Most of the regions in Indonesia have batik crafts with their own motifs. But in general, the method of making batik in each region is of course the same. The difference is the manufacturing technique. Batik […]

Celebrate World Women’s Day, This Is A Special Gift Ideas

image source: Batik Tulen   In commemoration of International Women’s Day, it feels incomplete if you haven’t chosen a gift for a female friend. Giving a special gift to the closest female friend will definitely carve a happy smile. However, what is the right gift for the closest woman friend on an International Women’s Day? […]

Get To Know More Closely the Types Of Tie Dye Batik

image source: This tie dye or tie dye batik often adorns various types of Indonesian batik. To get this motif, you need to fold, tie and dye it like the jumputan technique. More specifically, the cloth will be tied slightly with rubber or rope, then stripped and folded until it is watertight and then […]

Admire the City of Pekalongan as a Batik Colet Center

image source: This already popular Indonesian cultural heritage has its own charm so that many tourists from abroad wanting to buy this cloth as souvenirs from Indonesia. In Indonesia itself, using batik has become commonplace and should be preserved. Starting from the mandatory rules every friday to outfits that are suitable for attending formal […]

Like Ocean Waves, This is the Philosophical Meaning Behind the Parang Batik Motif

image source: The charm of batik cannot be doubted, even many foreign tourists who come to Indonesia like batik. Batik is suitable for use in various kinds of events, both formal and non-formal events. Batik is also no longer a garment that is only used on certain days or every Friday. Various models of […]

Original Handmade of Batik Tulen! Recognize the Difference of Machine Batik Print, Batik Tulis, and Batik Cap

image source: Since being named the cultural heritage of the archipelago on October 2, 2009, batik is now increasingly popular throughout the world. Many people collect batik clothes to wear on various occasions. Not only adults, babies and children to the elderly are also very happy to wear batik clothes. However, did you know, […]