Every October 2, the Indonesian people celebrate National Batik Day. Many workers and even Indonesian students participate in celebrating it. Especially since it was determined by Unesco as a human heritage for this oral and non-material culture. Batik itself has a formal impression, often worn only at certain events such as receptions or to the office.

But over time, many local brands use batik as a collection of clothes suitable for more casual events. So, that you can easily put together a batik shirt for a casual event, follow these tips, especially for men who want to use batik when relaxing on weekends.

1.  An appropriate motive

Choose the right motif and color on weekends, usually long-sleeved batik, dark colors & busy motifs that are often used during formal events. Now try wearing a batik shirt with short sleeves for a more casual event.

Especially now that there are many who sell batik with less crowded motifs with more beautiful colors and many young designers also give a touch of batik motifs to the clothes they make to make it look more modern & elegant..

2.  Choose the type suitable clothes

Now batik has many styles, not only shirts. There are many choices of models such as t-shirts, polo shirts to jackets made of batik. But keep in mind, you also have to have a shirt so it can be used for formal events.

When choosing batik for casual events, it is better to choose batik made of light materials, while for formal events you can choose a slightly thick batik with a busier motif.

3.  Choose pants that fit

In addition to batik tops, you also have to be good at choosing the subordinates to wear. Don’t let the top relax, but you choose the wrong material for the pants that are being used.

Pair formal trousers, khakis or chinos when you attend formal to non-formal events. Meanwhile, when you want to wear batik for casual events, wear jeans, jogger pants, shorts or with the same motif pants as the shirt you are wearing.

So, what kind of batik are you going to wear? Still determine the time and situation. Don’t get the wrong costume because of the batik you are wearing.

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