Caring for the Impact of COVID19, Batik Tulen Sets 2.5% of Profits for Social Institutions

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The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit various countries, including Indonesia since early March 2020, has hit various industrial sectors hard. Including the batik industry which is known as the cultural heritage of the archipelago.

The impact that is felt by the batik craftsmen is that the demand has decreased by 30%. In fact, some batik craftsmen admit that they have no orders at all. Even in the midst of concerns hitting the economic and business sectors, Batik Tulen as one of the original batik industries of Pekalongan, West Java is still committed to sharing various things amidst the crisis.

Every Purchase of Batik Tulen is Donated 2.5% for Communities Affected by COVID19

Batik Tulen provides a donation of 2.5% of sales turnover to be channeled to social institutions that will distribute to parties affected by COVID19 and in dire need of assistance.

The donation of 2.5% of each batik purchase is a form of concern for batik craftsmen, especially Batik Tulen.

It is hoped that with this donation, it is intended that the parties or people who are most affected by COVID19 remain excited and motivated to carry out their activities amidst all limitations.

Support Each Other During COVID19

Batik Tulen also wants to invite people who are able or have the advantages of fortune to support each other during the COVID19 pandemic. One of them is by using original Indonesian batik products with pride to support the economic wheels of the archipelago batik craftsmen to keep turning and surviving the crisis.

This activity is a form of participation and contribution of Batik Tulen to help the government in overcoming the impact of COVID19 which has hit all levels of society, especially the poor and underprivileged. The COVID19 pandemic is a trial and a major disaster that must be faced together. Together we can fight the corona virus! Come on, help our brothers who are less fortunate and affected by COVID19 by supporting local batik products in the archipelago. Click now and every purchase of batik products, you have also donated.

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