Combination of Batik Clothes for Wedding and Party

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Want to attend to a wedding or party? One of the most important preparations is the clothes that you want to wear. In addition to short dresses or formal dresses, nowadays many people choose batik clothes for parties and weddings.

Not only do they seem to love and preserve traditional works, batik clothes in the modern era also look cool and follow the trends. The patterns are diverse, the colors are alluring. So, it’s not wrong if you collect batik clothes in your wardrobe to make it easier to choose the style of clothing to wear to a party. Let’s take a look, the ideas for combining batik clothes for parties below!


Batik Combination Silk or Brocade

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The touch of ethnic batik cloth will look even more charming with the silk combination. For example, for additional accents on the front of a shirt or detailed ornaments on the chest.

Meanwhile, batik clothes for women at parties, you can add a combination of brocade fabrics with matching color shades. The luxurious brocade fabric adds to the elegant and modern look.


Batik Combination with Neutral Shades

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Furthermore, the idea of a combination of batik clothes for parties that can be applied to both women and men is plain cloth or fabric in neutral colors. Usually, batik clothes can be added with accent details on the front such as the chest, collar, and so on.

Not only applied to clothes, for Muslim women, you can also add detailed batik combinations for inspiration for more hijab style and fashionable hijab.

Batik Combination of Various Colors

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Don’t hesitate to wear batik clothes with a combination of several colors in one style. Currently, batik cloth comes in a variety of beautiful and attractive colors. Not only primary colors such as red, blue or yellow, batik cloth can also be found in muted colors like pastels.

It’s just that, make sure that the batik colors you use are still one tone with your skin color. To be more fit and suitable, avoid excessive make up or accessories.

Where to Get Quality Batik Fabric as Batik Cloth Material for Parties?

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