Examples of Sarimbit Batik Dress Models for Parties and Family Events

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Holding family events such as family reunions or weddings is a very precious moment. It is very common if many families decide to wear the same uniforms for the family to appear unified.

Sarimbit batik clothes for party and family events are the right choice because they are suitable for various ages. Starting from children to grandparents.

Well, for those of you who are looking for inspiration for examples of Sarimbit batik clothes for parties and family events, let’s look at the following list!

Sarimbit Batik Clothes for Weddings

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The batik motifs that are often used for weddings are sido luhur, sido mukti or parang motif. However, it does not rule out the possibility for families to wear other Sarimbit batik motifs and patterns.

Classic batik motifs such as Sido Mukti not only look cool, but have a deep philosophical meaning, especially for brides or weddings. Namely, so that the life of the bride and groom is always glorious and happy.

Sarimbit Batik Uniform for Bridal Relatives

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Sarimbit batik clothes for relatives or extended families can be distinguished from the main family uniform. This will make it easier for the guests to recognize the family.

In addition, the family from the bride and groom side can also get acquainted or greet, because they have the same sarimbit batik clothes worn. If you still want to use the same sido mukti motif or pattern, you can differentiate it in terms of color selection to make it more varied.

Modern Style Sarimbit Batik Dress

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In terms of models, batik clothes are currently very diverse. It can be seen from the kebaya fashion designer like Anna Avantie. Modern kebaya models are no longer just blouses, but can be modeled according to your taste.

For example, made a dress model, tunic, robe, and so on. With the selection of models and quality batik clothes, Sarimbit batik clothes will certainly appear more modern and elegant.

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