Get More Profit! These Are The Advantages Of Buying Batik Products Directly At The Tulen Batik Gallery

image source : Batik Tulen

Handmade batik products have their own characteristics in terms of motifs and patterns. Because it is made directly by the batik maker, it can be said that the handmade batik is a reflection of the batik’s creativity and sincerity.

That is why, handmade batik products are generally more expensive than other types of batik products such as printed batik or printed batik. In addition, because it is made directly from the batik’s hand, the handmade batik process is also quite long. Can be in a matter of weeks or months.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider buying directly at the Batik Tulen offline gallery.

100% Original Guarantee

Batik products that are obtained directly by coming to the Batik Tulen gallery will get a guarantee of 100% originality. You can touch the fabric and judge the quality for yourself or know the hue and color directly.

At the Tulen Batik gallery, there are various choices of batik motifs that can be purchased directly or you can order according to custom. For example, for a wedding uniform and a large family, or semi-formal clothes for the agency where you work.

There are batik products that are not sold online

There are several special batik products that you can get just by coming directly to the Batik Tulen gallery. These handmade batik products have premium quality patterns, colors and materials that are not available online. In the Batik Tulen gallery, you can choose a variety of fabrics by batik craftsmen according to your fashion style.

Purchasing Made Easy

By coming directly to the Batik Tulen gallery or buying offline, you also get the benefits, including being able to see for yourself or try the batik product you want directly.

Once you are sure of your choice of batik products, you can buy them in a fast and easy process. In contrast to buying online, if the product has a defect, there is a postage fee to replace or exchange a new batik product.

Get Attractive Prices

It’s different from buying online, by coming directly to the Batik Tulen gallery or offline, you can also more easily negotiate prices.

You can get attractive price offers or special prices. In fact, often after talking directly, we can build closer and mutually beneficial cooperation in the future. Not a few customers who come directly to the Batik Tulen gallery to buy, feel more happy and comfortable because the price given is much friendlier than buying online.

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