UNESCO Acknowledged, Admiring Batik As A Cultural Heritage and Identity That Must Be Preserved

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In almost any occasion, we can see batik clothes worn with pride and fashion. Not only the general public, well-known figures to the number one person in Indonesia are also very proud to wear batik. Batik is an identity as well as a cultural heritage of Indonesia that needs to be preserved.

Therefore, by wearing batik, we can also love Indonesia more. Batik is not just a graffiti on cloth, but more than that. Batik is a masterpiece of art and creativity. In each canting incision, there is a philosophical meaning and a deep story about the nuances of life.

It is not wrong if UNESCO recognized batik as Masterpieces of The Oral and The Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

Behind Batik, There is a Unique Philosophical Meaning

Every pattern and line that is formed in a piece of batik cloth, depicts a deep life and philosophy. Not infrequently, this philosophy is closely related to the purpose of life and prayer or human expectations of the Creator.

In fact, in the past, batik was only worn by royal families and aristocrats. Children who are carried wearing certain batik cloths are expected to bring good luck when they grow up.

Not only during life, when the corpse dies, in general, it is also covered with certain batik cloths as a symbol of prayer so that the corpse has an easy process towards the Divine lap.

Batik along with the times, fashionable and contemporary

In today’s modern era, batik is a common outfit found in various events. Both formal and casual events. Worn by various levels of society, from the lower class to the upper middle class.

This is because, over time, batik has also developed following the development of existing fashion or trends. Millennials and generation Z modify batik for various fashion items. Such as hats, bags, jackets, hoodies, even shoes and masks today.

Unlike other types of fabrics, batik has its own charisma and charm. That is why, when wearing batik, there is a sense of pride and the style looks more elegant.

If you are an Indonesian citizen who claims to be proud of wearing batik, here are some reasons to be more confident in preserving batik as a national culture.

1. Variety of Motive Designs

Throughout the archipelago, there are various types of motifs. Between one area and another, it has a special character and uniqueness of batik. Each batik design also contains different positive visual communication. However, they are generally prayers of goodness offered to God.

In addition, there is also batik which is symbolized in terms of leadership, love, affection, and others.

2. Indonesian identity

When wearing batik, you will be more easily recognized as Indonesian. Currently batik is known as the original culture of Indonesia. In fact, foreigners who visit Indonesia also bring batik as souvenirs or merchandise to their home countries.

Of course, we, as Indonesian citizens, must feel proud and preserve batik as our identity.

3. Batik penetrates the global market

Elegant and charming batik clothing, easily combined with various styles of clothing. No wonder celebrities and world figures are proud to wear batik. Call it like Nelson Mandela, Jessica Alba, to Bill Gates, all of them have experienced the comfort and beauty of wearing batik clothes.

Now, if foreigners like to wear batik, now is the time for us as Indonesians to wear batik as a culture that must be preserved. Let’s wear batik and proud to wear batik! Klik BatikTulen.com for more batik products.

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