Since batik has been named as a world heritage for Indonesia, batik has become something that cannot be separated because it has been a distinctive Indonesian cloth since a long time ago. In the past, batik cloth was usually combined with kebaya or traditional clothes, but lately batik can be used in a flexible way which can be combined with other types of fabrics to make it look more modern and luxurious.

According to wikipedia, the word Batik comes from a combination of two Javanese words, namely “amba” colored “writing” and “titik” which has the same meaning, namely “point”. In general, batik can be interpreted as drawing cloth specially made by writing or lighting the night on the cloth. Batik itself is divided into two motifs, namely originating from the region and based on patterns. This distinctive feature of Indonesian Tulen Batik is painted using canting and coloring techniques using natural materials.

Batik patterns in Indonesia differ depending on where the batik is made. For example, batik made by coastal communities has natural motifs with bright colors as depicted in Cirebon or Pekalongan batik. Meanwhile, batik from Jogja or Solo has colors that tend to be dark, brown, black or yellow and abstract motifs.

In Indonesia, there are various batik patterns that are well known by the world and are already in great demand, such as:

Megamendung Batik

You will find this batik very easily in the Cirebon area. It has a large, bright and striking cloud motif. It usually comes in blue, dark red, purple and dark green colors.

Tujuh Rupa Pekalongan Batik

Who does not know Pekalongan batik, the batik that has been produced a lot from the city of Pekalongan. Plant and animal motifs are characteristic of Pekalongan batik.

Parang Rusak Batik

Batik with this motif is used a lot and even tends to be popular among batik lovers. Having a deep meaning makes this batik the prima donna of batik cloth, namely humans who fight against bad qualities and passions throughout their lives.

Keraton Batik

Initially this batik was only made for court princesses and batik craftsmen who were in the Keraton area. This batik has an elegant, sacred and full philosophy of life.

Priangan Tasikmalaya Batik

The tight, neat and classy style is the hallmark of the Tasikmalaya Priangan batik style. Moreover, this batik has a main identity which is dominated by grass & plant motifs.

Batik Tulen 100% Pekalongan, Indonesia

So now you don’t need to be confused, if you are looking for genuine Indonesian batik. One of the boutiques that is a pioneer in preserving Indonesian culture through batik is the Batik Tulen Boutique, Pekalongan, Indonesia.

Batik Tulen was founded in the 1970s by Sri Soelasmi, from Pekalongan, Central Java. As the founder Sri Soelasmi started his business in the city of Surabaya and now the Batik Tulen boutique business has been continued by the second generation, Nanang Gularso.

As an authentic Indonesian batik, Batik Tulen is highly recommended to be souvenir or your authentic style dress. Let’s get your premium batik collections with beautiful motifs only at!

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