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Now count how many batik in your closet? Want to know why a man should have batik? The fashion trend for men’s and women’s batik clothes is growing. Batik is now known by the world as the ancestral heritage of the Indonesian nation.

Which encourages designers to have a variety of models that are suitable for use in all events, including men who only have a handful of batik variations. Therefore, a man must have batik in his closet. So, consider the following reasons why men should have batik in their wardrobe.

The neat impression of batik adds to the good looks of those who wear it

Batik with a neat model can add to the good looks of the wearer because men who wear neat clothes look more attractive than men who wear messy clothes so it is not wrong that batik is used in various events such as formal, office to invitations. To add a classy & dignified impression, choose batik with a long sleeve model.

Cultivate a high sense of nationalism in him

Because batik is an ancestral heritage of the Indonesian nation, it is our duty to preserve batik by using it and by wearing batik, which can certainly evoke a high spirit of nationalism. Now, if you can introduce batik abroad, it can be a plus in preserving culture

Suitable for formal events and invitations

Those who are usually confused about what clothes to wear to the invitation, now you can trust them by wearing batik, you know. Or planning to come to formal or casual events using batik, of course you have to be good at choosing a batik model so you don’t get the wrong costume when attending important events.

Helping the local economy

As the nation’s children, we should be concerned with the stretching of the local economy by buying and wearing batik in every event, both formal and informal. In this way, we will help drive the local economy. And in the future it can push the wheels of the Indonesian economy through batik.

Appreciating the work of the nation

Love the products of the nation’s children by wearing batik. Do not let batik be recognized by other countries as a legacy of their ancestors. By wearing batik, you are also part of the promotion to the closest environment to be proud of the cultural heritage of the Indonesian nation.

So do you know the reasons why you should have batik? Now is the time to buy authentic Indonesian batik as a way to preserve Indonesian culture and become a promotional event to the world.

For this reason, always buy original genuine batik at the boutique that has been around since the 1970s with the quality of selected batik, good, comfortable and natural, the work of Indonesian batik craftsmen.