6 Mistakes Men Make When Wearing A Short Sleeve Batik Shirt

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Batik, Indonesia’s cultural heritage, has various motifs to choose from. Not only that, both men and women are free to choose which batik outfit suits their taste. There are those who like long sleeves, some like to wear short sleeves. One of them is that most men like to wear short-sleeved batik. Men use a lot of this short-sleeved batik to make it look more casual and relaxed. In order for your batik appearance to look cooler, here are 6 mistakes men make when wearing a short sleeve batik shirt.

1. Choosing an arbitrary batik material

Most batik materials are slightly thinner than other shirt materials. Choose a batik material that makes you comfortable when wearing it. Do not let you choose batik only based on the motif and the model is suitable. Make sure to choose batik whose material falls comfortably on your body and can absorb sweat well.

2. Tuck in Your Batik Shirt

It’s not wrong if you tucked in your batik shirt to add a neat and formal impression. However, it should not be done because it will eliminate the casual impression that you will show when wearing batik. Use long-sleeved batik if you want to appear more formal. Another reason is so that the patent motif in this short sleeve batik is not covered and looks intact. So anyone can see the patent motif of your short sleeve batik shirt clearly and intact.

3. Batik Sleeve Too Long

What is meant here is the batik shirt sleeve touching the elbow. We recommend that you choose a batik shirt with the sleeves in the middle between your elbows and shoulders.

4. The Bottom Of The Batik Is Too Long

Not only the sleeves, the short-sleeved batik shirt which has a bottom that is too long is also not too fitting to wear. Make sure to choose a short-sleeved batik that has a size that fits your body, be it shoulder, arm or lower. You can also use a slim fit batik model which is now widely available on the market.

5. Wearing a wrinkled batik shirt

When you wear batik, make sure your batik is not wrinkled because it will give a messy impression. Although this short-sleeved batik shirt has a relaxed impression, a wrinkled short-sleeved batik shirt will make your appearance less tidy and fresh. So make sure to iron it until it is smooth first, so that your appearance with this short-sleeved batik shirt is even more attractive and cool.

6. The Contrast Color of the Batik Shirt with the Skin

Anyone is free to choose any color and batik motif depending on their individual tastes. When you wear a short-sleeved batik shirt, you will automatically show the skin of your arms. For that, you should choose a batik shirt color that matches your skin tone and don’t choose one that is too contrasting. We recommend choosing dark colors like black, navy blue, maroon, or dark green.

Those are the 6 mistakes that many men still make when wearing batik. Hopefully after you read this you can make your appearance even better with batik.

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