Batik Central Region in Indonesia

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Indonesia is not only rich in natural products, but also rich in artistic heritage, one of which is batik. Batik has even been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. So, do not be surprised if the beautiful batik motif is very popular in the world.

Because of its richness, every region in Indonesia has a different batik motif or pattern. Each motive contains a different meaning and philosophy. In fact, the center of batik in Indonesia has emerged as the best batik producing area.

Want to know which areas are claimed to be the center of batik in Indonesia? Check this out!


1. Pekalongan

You must be familiar with Pekalongan batik? Batik Pekalongan is also often dubbed as coastal batik. This is because the city of Pekalongan is located on the coast of Java Island. Pekalongan is one of the batik centers in Indonesia that you really need to visit.

Typical Pekalongan batik generally has characteristics with natural themes and colors that tend to be bright. It is said that the Pekalongan Batik motifs are influenced by the cultures of 3 countries, namely the Netherlands, Arabic and China.

As the center of batik in Indonesia, you can also visit the Batik Museum. Inside are stored various batik collections from various regions such as Kalimantan, Java, to Papua.


2. Solo

Solo or Surakarta also occupies the list of batik centers in Indonesia. The city with the slogan “The Spirit of Java” holds a variety of captivating arts and culture that you must explore, including its batik.

The typical Solo batik has been influenced by the cultural heritage of the Mataram and Majapahit Kingdoms. Why?

In the past, batik was only used by aristocrats and royalty. At that time, the use of batik became a symbol of “power”

Solo batik is very distinctive of natural landscape motifs with deep meaning. As :

  • Sido Asih is nobility
  • Sekar Jagad, namely the beauty of life in the world
  • Sido Mulyo is happiness
  • Satrio Wibowo, namely dignity
  • Tikel asmorodono, namely love


3. Yogyakarta

Since being named the “World Batik City” by the 2014 World Craft Council, the popularity of Yogyakarta as the center of batik in Indonesia has increased. Typical Yogyakarta batik is generally dominated by neutral colors, such as white, black, brown and other colors.

Yogyakarta-specific batik is also commonly used to attend major events, such as the amiluto motif for engagement, Sido Mukti motif for Kabul’s consent, Wahyu Tumurun Cantel motif for meeting the bride and groom, and Gompol motif for marriage.

Apart from exploring the historical tourism of Yogyakarta, also explore its signature batik as a souvenir when visiting there.


4. Cirebon

Generally, the typical Cirebon batik is divided into the palace batik version and the coastal batik version or Trusmi. For palace batik, on average, it is dominated by dark colors such as brown and black. Unlike the coastal batik which contains bright colors such as red and blue. You must be familiar with Mega Mendung’s motives, right?

The motif made by Pangeran Cakrabuana looks like a cloud with a touch of blue. The Mega Mendung motive is said to mean freedom of life.

Batik Cirebon also has a variety of interesting motifs, such as the Singa Payung, Naga Silam, Lotus Garden, Paksinaga Liman, and the Patran Keris which the Japanese often buy.


That is the list of batik centers in Indonesia and its flagship batik motifs. You can also explore batik motifs from the center of batik in Indonesia through At, you can find a variety of beautiful unique motifs of various regions in Indonesia.

So you don’t need to come directly to the city! Moreover, Indonesia is currently hit by a pandemic that has yet to find an endpoint, so keep your physical distance by exploring beautiful batik only at


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