Ultimate Batik Tips For Plus Size

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Being plump is not a bad thing. Most people often feel insecure about being plump. Being plump is not a barrier to staying fashionable and stylish. Enchantment will radiate out when you can restore self-confidence.

Not only women, but men are also sometimes insecure about their appearance. Instead of constantly feeling insecure, you can show your strengths by dressing. One of them is by wearing batik clothes to add to the impression of elegance.

Batik clothes for fat men are sure to suit their respective styles. To increase your self-confidence, consider batik tips that are suitable for a full body / plus size.

1. Select Vertical Motif

When choosing batik clothes for men who have more fat, choose vertical motifs. Vertical motifs will give an impression or illusion that can make the body look slimmer. Avoid fabrics with horizontal motifs so that the body does not look wider.

In addition, choose a batik cloth with a small motif such as a contemporary motif of small leaves, or a parang klithik motif to make your body look slimmer.

2. Use Long Sleeves

Another batik tip that is suitable for a full body / plus size is to use a long sleeve top. Long-sleeved batik clothes will cover excess fat on the sleeves. That way, the body will look slimmer.

3. Pair Pants That Fit

After finding a top with a long-sleeved vertical motif, now is the time for you to mix it with the right pants. Don’t get the wrong choice of pants that look thinner. The thinner pants will give you a broad impression of the male body. However, pants that are too tight also make the body look fuller. So, mix the right and comfortable pants to increase your confidence.

4. Choose Simple Clothes

In mixing and matching outfits, men are more suitable to look simple and inconspicuous. The simple impression on men looks more elegant than an overly crowded outfit. If you want a patterned batik shirt for a man that has more fat, choose a motif that is simple and modest.

5. Color

Simple motifs and dark colors will give a sleek impression. Dark colors like dark brown, black, and navy blue are suitable for men who have more fat in batik clothes. Besides that, dark colors give an elegant impression, you know!

Don’t be insecure! Chubby men can also look great with a simple style. Follow some batik tips that are suitable for the body to increase self-confidence. For quality batik products, just trust batiktulen.com.

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